MDPORTALS data network

Your patients’ complete and up-to-date medical history, retrieved from sources across the continuum of care and delivered directly to your EHR.


Data retrieval is a time-consuming and inefficient drain on resources for healthcare providers, especially for value-based care organizations who rely on comprehensive patient data to improve quality of care and adjust for risk.

MDPortals lifts that burden off of healthcare organizations’ shoulders by retrieving patients’ records from all available sources of external clinical data. We've integrated with thousands of fragmented and siloed sources so that you don't have to.

Provider Faxes

MDPortals extracts and normalizes unstructured data received from incoming faxes. Faxes sent from primary care providers and specialists are transformed into searchable electronic records (C-CD) and ingested into the MDPortals Compendium.

Bypass the hassle, wasted time and resources, delays and manual data entry associated with retrieving and processing faxed records.

National hospital EHRs

MDPortals has existing internal integrations with more than 90% of the acute EHR market and nearly 60% of the ambulatory EHR market.

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Diagnostic Labs

MDPortals retrieves lab results through a direct connection to all major diagnostic laboratories. Aggregated lab data is converted to a single, standard LOINC code and integrated into each patient’s longitudinal report.

US Pharmacies

MDPortals compiles patients’ comprehensive medication history from national and regional pharmacies, including specialized pharmacies. Medication history includes medication starts, adherence and switching behaviors.

HIE Networks

MDPortals has developed the capability to connect directly with any HIE to query and pull XML data into the compendium, eliminating the need to log into HIE's to retrieve your patient's data.

SDOH Databases

MDPortals retrieves 100+ of the most pertinent Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) attributes including education data, household characteristics, ethnicity, location, housing, income, transportation and tech adoption (iPhone/Android) from proprietary national consumer databases.