We obtain medical records from every possible source

MDPortals takes the hassle out of tracking down medical records. We obtain information from Health Exchanges, online EMRs, PCPs and specialists.


Patient data is represented intuitively by curating all clinical records into a concise, clinician-friendly, longitudinal health record, appended to each patient’s EMR.

Less chart-diving


Less information overload

More time with patients 

Our Ethos


At MDPortals, we are committed to continually recruiting the most powerful technological tools and delivering them to clinicians to change the way that healthcare is delivered.

Our clinical intelligence is derived through the synthesis of real time clinical data from every possible source across the care continuum.

MDPortals Compendium™ Process

We have gathered a consortium of data partners who cover approximately 83% of all US health records. This not only covers HIEs and EHRs, but paper-based records.

MDPortals reconciles and consolidates records from all sources into a unified patient health record. 

We aggregate the patient data to create an enhanced patient record. It is  further leveraged with a suite of the best in-class technologies and services, to provide critical insights to value-based clinicians to close HCC and HEDIS gaps. 

We have partnered with the leading pioneers in medical records interoperability to provide the only turnkey solution for the provision of consolidated health records.

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