Unified Patient Intelligence

MDPortals collects your patients’ records from all sources of clinical data, synthesizes the captured data into one composite health record, abstracts all HCC, HEDIS and MIPS opportunities, and delivers them directly into your EHR, all in a matter of hours.


Empower physicians with full knowledge of a patient’s medical history, curated for easy reference.


Complete data capture from all possible external sources of clinical data across the continuum of care.


For seamless integration with your current tools and workflow.


Analyzed, summarized, annotated and hyper-linked records for optimal risk-adjustment.



Clinical data acquisition is triggered automatically when an upcoming patient encounter is scheduled through your EMR.

EMR Networks

Connected to 800,000 Physician EMR databases and over 60,000 hospitals across the country.

US Pharmacies

Comprehensive medication history including medication starts, adherence, and switching behavior.

Diagnostic Labs

MDPortals is directly connected to all major diagnostic testing laboratories, enabling collection of all lab results.

HIE Networks

Aggregating from 32 Health Information Exchange networks for real-time access to clinical data.

Provider Faxes

Convert faxes from PCPs and Specialists into structured, searchable electronic records (C-CD).

Claims Databases

Connected to the nation's largest clearinghouses and processing for 53 million Medicare beneficiaries.


The MDPortals synthesis engine utilizes OCR, advanced parsing techniques, Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP), proprietary logic and NPI matching to clean, de-duplicate and enrich all inputs from data acquisition.


The results are normalized and then unified into the Compendium C-CDA, an enhanced composite longitudinal record in C-CDA format, integrated into each patient record within your EMR.


All inferences and abstractions captured are cross-linked directly to the original text for quick and easy reference.


HCC opportunities for new capture and recapture are identified and extracted using logic algorithms.

Quality Analysis

HEDIS and MIPS quality measure gaps closed using NCQA certified technology to generate QRDAIII.

MDPortals Compendium

Patient data summarized in one concise document - analyzed, annotated and hyper-linked to source data.


The final package is delivered as a single longitudinal record, viewable natively inside any Meaningful Use certified EHR.


Physician EMRs


Patient records downloaded daily


Synthesized medical documents


Monthly results

Our Ethos

MDPortals is committed to continually recruiting the most powerful technological tools and delivering unsurpassed results to clinicians to change the way that healthcare is delivered.

Our clinical intelligence is derived through the synthesis of real-time clinical data from every possible source across the care continuum.

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