We will include medical records from every possible source

We will obtain records for you from Health Exchanges, online EMRs, PCPs and specialists.


We will curate all clinical information into a summarized clinician-friendly, longitudinal health record, appended to each patient’s profile in your EMR.

No hassle requesting records

 No more hidden or fragmented information

Searchable records

About Us

MD Portals is a service that provides our client MDs with a full perspective of their patients’ longitudinal health records. We obtain, curate and summarize patient records from our proprietary network of connected EMRs for healthcare systems into one concise medical health record that is searchable, indicating all pertinent clinical data. We are connected to all electronic EMR systems, such as Epic, AllScripts, Cerner, eClinical, etc., as well as 27 Health exchanges across the US. We utilize deep learning artificial intelligence to provide physicians with better insight into the chronic disease states we have identified. We are able to analyze for the top ten chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, COPD, cancer, heart disease, etc. The physician will be shown where all inferences can be found in the underlying medical records by hyperlink.


In order to develop our technology we have partnered with the leaders in the healthcare space, companies who are very adept at breakthrough technologies in very specialized areas.


With this app, a physician or care coordinator can fill out a Lookup Records Form which will trigger a search of all online EMRs (CommonWell, Care Quality, Allscripts. Cerner, Epic, and eClinical) for all of their patients.

Any retrieved electronic records will be analyzed, consolidated and then sent back to the designated provider with an HCC summary.


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We have partnered with the leading pioneers in medical records interoperability to provide the only turnkey solution for the provision of consolidated health records.